Aqua Golf

Aqua Golf

The Aqua Golf is located alongside the Aqua Dome and consists of an exciting 18 hole mini-golf course which is great fun for all the family and can be enjoyed by young and old alike. It is situated in a beautifully landscaped environment incorporating water features, a cave, fountains, ponds full of leaping trout and a 40 foot high water fountain.

The Aqua Golf has holes of varying length & difficulty and incorporates areas of roughs, bunkers, humps and hollows. A few of the holes are quite challenging and are a real test of your putting skills. Each hole has been designed to test your putting skills to the limit. All that is required is a putter, ball and score card and these are included in the admission price. A maximum of four play one at a time.

Allow 35 minutes to complete the 18 holes. There is approximately a 3 minute interval between groups.

Aqua Golf Prices

  • Adult

  • Junior

  • Family of 4

  • Adult group (10 or more)

  • Junior group (10 or more)

  • School Tour

  • Adult Golf & Swim

  • Junior Golf & Swim

  • Family Golf & Swim (2 adults + 2 junior)

  • Family Golf & Swim (1 adult + 3 junior)

  • Primary School Tour Golf & Swim

  • Secondary School Tour Golf & Swim

  • Junior Group Golf and Swim

  • Adult Group Golf and Swim


Basis rules for Aqua Golf:

  • Tee off with the ball on the yellow line
  • A ball hitting the wooden boarder or going out of bounds results in a dropped shot
  • The player with the least number of shots wins the hole
  • You may play hole for hole or for an 18 hole total

For your safety in the Aqua Golf:

  • Do not hit the ball outside of the green areas
  • Do not attempt to retrieve the balls from the water features
  • Be careful when using the putter, do not swing the club wildly
  • Be sure the hole is clear to play before putting the ball
  • Keep off planted areas



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