High Flume Slide

Fly the 90 meter high flume slide for thrilling slip-slidy fun. Climb to the top of the flume tower and when the green light is on and the customer in front has exited the bottom, enter the flume slide feet first. Before you know it, you will be flying down the green shoot and turning as you descend. For those interested in how fast they came down the slide there is a hanging clock at the base of the slide indicating your time. The fastest time is 9.47 secs - try and beat that! This slide is also affectionately known as Kerry’s big slide.

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    Embark on a mini Aqua Golf adventure like no other!

    Are you ready to embark on a mini Aqua Golf adventure like no other? Look no further than the Aqua Golf located next to the Aqua Dome. Nestled alongside the renowned Aqua Dome in Tralee, Aqua Golf emerges as a vibrant addition to the town’s leisure landscape, offering an exhilarating 18-hole miniature golf course. Set...
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    Aqua Dome Celebrates 30 years!

    The Aqua Dome is delighted to be celebrating its 30th birthday on the 14th of May this year. Centre Manager Mags O’Sullivan said management and staff are delighted to reach this milestone and are looking forward to many more successful years ahead. We have had many happy customers over the years and lots of wonderful...

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