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Head To The Aqua Dome For Your School Tour!

Head To The Aqua Dome For Your School Tour!

Can you imagine a school tour where your students can have fun, create great memories and learn cross-curricular skills that will benefit them throughout their lives? Here at the Aqua Dome, this is what we offer!

Why The Aqua Dome?

We know that children (and adults!) are much more likely to learn, and to retain their learning, if they are enjoying themselves, and we know that vital life skills can be developed through play and teamwork.

The challenges and opportunities we offer build on the work you do in the classroom, and students can experience:

  • Flying down the 90 meter high Flu
  • me SlideRiding the outdoor
  • Falling Rapids
  • Relaxing in the Lazy River
  • Bodysurfing in the waves
  • Swimming through the Castle River Rapids
  • Testing their skills on the water
  • Themed Aqua Golf course

Great Fun At The Aqua Dome

And much more! We believe that great days out are the key to developing self confidence and team skills, and our feedback from students and teachers tells us we’re getting it right.

  • Water Safety. From the moment you arrive at the Aqua Dome Water Safety is explained to the children and they will learn how to enjoy waves, rapids, currents and sky high flume rides.
  • Health awareness. A healthy lifestyle is increasingly important in our society, and a physically demanding challenge such as the castle river rapids or the 90 meter flume slide can raise heart rates and encourage an active lifestyle. Students may discover a new love for swimming, or simply realise that exercise can be great fun!
  • Determination. Every student will face challenges in his or her future life, and developing a sense of resilience and determination through taking on challenges such as the outdoor raging rapids can inspire new confidence and encourage students to seize the opportunities that arise for them.

Free Swim And Sauna For Teachers!

There are so many great reasons to book a school tour at the Aqua Dome, which is one of Ireland’s largest indoor waterworlds, and a premier tourist attraction. If you need a little additional persuasion, don’t forget that we offer a free swim and visit to the Vitality Spa for the teachers so you can make the most of our newly refurbished Adults Only Vitality Spa, complete with saunas, steam rooms and cold pool, as well as new heated loungers and relaxation seats!

We also offer a unique school tour lunch deal offered by Cotter Catering, this includes a hot meal, drink and snack, for only €5.50 per head. You can book this school tour meal deal by calling Ferghal on 087 2704203.

Book Your School Tour At The Aqua Dome

To book your school tour directly with the Aqua Dome, simply call reception on 066 7128899 or 066 7128755 or email info@aquadome.ie.


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