Vitality Spa (adults only, 18+)

The Aqua Dome Vitality Spa offers a unique blend of heat experiences for customers to relax and re-charge the body as they indulge themselves from head to toe in the warmth of the:

• Himalayan salt infused steam room
• Traditional / Tropical saunas
• Classic steam room
• Heated seats and heated loungers

Visitors can alternate heat experiences with dips in the cool plunge pool which is a great way to invigorate the body. The heat generating and cooling experiences cleanse and stimulate the body and aid in relaxation. The saunas and steam rooms are infused with aromatherapy extracts which enhance complexions and there is customized ambient lighting along with gentle meditation music. Treat yourself to a relaxing time out in our Vitality Spa and Let Yourself Go.... Entry is included in the adult admission price with unlimited time!

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