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Healthy Halloween Treats For The Family

Kids love Halloween, and with all the fantastic costumes, tasty sweets and spooky games, we can see why! Most parents are happy for their children to indulge in some treats at Halloween, but it is often wise to balance this out with some healthy snacks to get into the spirit of the occasion without too much added sugar!

Here, we’ve shared our favourite healthy Halloween treats, and these ideas are all easy to create so you can get the kids involved in the preparation. We hope you’ll get in touch to tell us about your favourite healthy Halloween ideas, and share your spooky family traditions.

5 Healthy Halloween Treats

It’s very easy to create a spooky feast that looks and tastes great. Here’s how:

Energy spiders. If you’ve made or eaten energy balls, you’ll know how simple and delicious they are. Simply add equal weights of pitted dates and chopped nuts to your blender, along with a spoonful of cocoa powder and any seeds or superfood powders if you wish. Blend together with a dash of water and then roll into small balls. You can add legs made of liquorice sticks or cocktail sticks, and finish with raisin eyes if you wish.

Melon eyeballs. Choose a large, ripe melon and use a melon baller or small ice cream scoop to carve the flesh into small balls, then use cocktail sticks or edible glue to attach half a blueberry to each ball and pile them up into a healthy dish of delicious eyeballs!

Veggie skeletons. Children eat much more healthily when it looks like fun, and the way you arrange the food on the plate can make a big difference. You can use chopped vegetables and hummus to create a fabulous looking skeleton that will have your kids eating good food without realising it. Have fun slicing and laying out fruits and vegetables such as bell peppers, carrots, celery, cucumber and tomatoes in a skeleton shape, and add a smiley face using fruits arranged on a small bowl of hummus.

Fruity pumpkins. You can add a colourful touch to your Halloween table with these pretty little pumpkin snacks. You’ll just need easy peel clementines or satsumas, and a few sticks of celery. Peel the fruit without separating the segments and cut a small stick of celery lengthways to push into the top as a stalk. You may be surprised to see your children enjoying fruit so much!

Banana ghosts. Here’s an easy way to impress the kids and ensure that they enjoy eating one of their five a day. Cut several bananas in half and add spooky faces with chocolate drops or raisins, depending on your preferred level of sugar consumption, to create these fun little Halloween ghost snacks!

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