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How To Carve A Great Halloween Pumpkin

Here at the Aqua Dome, we’re in the mood for Halloween! There is a chill in the air, some atmospheric music on the stereo, and we are all ready to don our favourite costumes and head out for some spooky fun.

Carving pumpkins is a fabulous traditional activity for families at Halloween, and we think we know how to create something super special. Whether your child is enjoying his or her first Halloween or has spent many years perfecting the art of carving pumpkins, you can make this a really special time by following our top pumpkin carving tips this year.

How To Carve The Perfect Pumpkin

Here are our top tips to make your pumpkins perfect this Halloween:

Opt for an age-appropriate design. If you are creating a decorative pumpkin with a very young child, don’t increase the stress factor by adding in knives and big ambitions! Simply use pens or paints to decorate the outside of a pumpkin, and surround it with tea light candles for a beautiful table centrepiece or decoration outside your front door.

Plan ahead. Adult supervision or guidance is necessary for most children to create a pumpkin they can be proud of, and you can prepare ahead of time by scooping out the innards while the child chooses their design and sketches out a plan. Ensure that you have a sharp knife and spoons ready for scooping out the flesh and seeds, which you can roast or add to soup.

Cut with care. Pumpkin skin can be really tough so it’s important to be very careful when you cut into it, and ensure that your children do the same. Drawing the design onto your pumpkin first will make it easier to manage and provide a guideline for cutting out.

Be experimental. Don’t feel that you have to stick to the traditional spooky face when you are carving your Halloween pumpkin this year. Have a look online at the many beautiful designs out there, and challenge your children to create their own. You’ll find plenty of examples of impressive cats and witches on broomsticks to inspire you.

Display your efforts. The best way to make the most of your efforts is to display them for all to see, so you can adorn your front garden or windowsill with your finished pumpkins, complete with tea light candles in and around them, and let the neighbours admire the results of your hard work.

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