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Why Active Children Learn Better

Recent studies have shown that regular exercise improves the academic performance of children and teenagers, demonstrating an increase in performance for every 17 minutes of exercise carried out by boys, and every 12 minutes by girls. Research confirmed that children who took part in frequent exercise achieved significantly better results in exams in English, Maths and Science at ages 11, 13 and 16 than those who did not. These findings are very important for our younger generation, so read on for our top tips on how to get your kids moving!

Here at The Aqua Dome, we have created fun challenges for guests of all ages, and we know you’ll love the indoor and outdoor rapids, waves, whirlpool spa and 90m high flume. You can ensure that the whole family gets active in the children’s pools, lazy rivers, sprays, cannons and River Rapids, and the benefits will last long after you have gone home!

How To Help Your Kids To Be More Active

We live in an age of technology, and it can sometimes seem impossible to separate children from screens. It is well worth the effort, however, for happier and fitter kids who achieve better. Here are some great ideas on encouraging your children to get active:

Make getting active fun. Getting out and exercising is much easier if it’s fun, so take on a family challenge and get everyone involved. You could try training for a family fun run, or cycling together on local cycle paths or nature trails. Challenge the kids and some friends to go out geocaching, or try orienteering as a family or with a local group.

Try something new. Getting active is great fun when you find the right sport, so take some time to explore new opportunities. Encourage your kids to try surfing or rowing, or see if they are interested in climbing or dancing. Once they discover what really interests them, it’ll be much easier to get them to participate on a regular basis.

Join a club. Whether it’s trampolining or rugby, joining a club is a great way to get involved with a sport and keep up regular exercising. Sharing the experience with others and being part of a competitive team can be great ways to keep up motivation and interest, and you will find local clubs for almost every sport you can imagine!

Increase the excitement. If your children are older, they may no longer feel inspired by sports they used to love. Trying out an activity such as paint-balling, or high ropes, can increase adrenaline and help them to feel excited about getting active again. Video games stimulate the brain and not the body, but with extreme sports, you can encourage movement as well as mental agility and tempt them away from their screens.

The Whole Family Will Love The Aqua Dome In Tralee

The Aqua Dome Tralee offers the perfect day out for everyone! With rapids, waves and flumes for all ages, we’re open every day - whatever the weather - with no time limit to your visit. We offer discounts for families, groups, students and OAPs, and our facilities include a luxurious Adults Only Vitality Spa for over 18s. Contact us for more information or to confirm opening times and prices, and treat your family to a wonderfully active day at the Aqua Dome.

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