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Aqua Dome registers with Refill Ireland and you can refill your re-usable water bottle here for free!

The Aqua Dome cares about the environment and staff have recently erected an external tap supplying mains drinking water at the entrance to the Aqua Golf so that anyone can refill their reusable water bottle for free instead of buying plastic bottles of water. In recent times there has been increased awareness about plastic pollution and staff in the Aqua Dome have joined Refill Ireland in an effort to lead the way to make Ireland a tap water refilling country once again.

Apart from the Aqua Dome you can now refill your reusable water bottle for free from one of over 600 and rising public refill locations. By offering this service we help to alleviate unnecessary (single use) plastic drinking water bottle waste while helping our environment, our health and our pockets at the same time. 

There are 8 other registered Refill Ireland locations in Tralee that offer this service:

Imperial Hotel, Denny Lane Restaurant, The Roast House Restaurant, Amaretto Tea & Coffee shop, The Fiddler bar, Yummy Cafe, John Doughs and Manna Organic shop.

As a family orientated business and one of Irelands best loved Waterworlds we aim to encourage others to make positive environmental changes and do what we can to help reduce plastic consumption, water wastage and minimise our carbon footprint. Collectively we can influence other groups, businesses, cultures and societies and it is this grassroots action that can change the hearts and mindsets of many. By refilling your water bottle you maintain your health and hydration along with saving yourself some money... a win win situation for both you and the environment.

The Aqua Dome hopes to lead by example and we hope to inspire local authorities to add new public water dispenser locations and to refurbish retired public taps. We also hope to encourage other businesses to do the same. We need to change our minds that the earth is a bottomless pit for plastic waste!

Inside the Aqua Dome we have 3 other water fountain units which are available to all our customers to use. One is located in the gym, one is located at the entrance to the Vitality Spa and the third one is in the adult only Vitality Spa.

Water fountain at entrance to the adult only Vitality Spa

Water fountain in the adult only Vitality Spa

Water fountain in the Gym

The Refill.ie voluntary projects aims to prevent plastic waste through reducing the amount of single use drinking water plastic bottles we consume in Ireland. Unfortunately a very significant portion of this plastic ends up on our streets, waterways and seas. Simply put, if the waste is not created in the first instance, there is no waste management problem. 


Remember to stop and think before you purchase your next bottle of water and ask yourself where is this plastic bottle going to end up?

#lovetheplanet #lovetheenvironment 💚💙





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