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Aqua Dome upgrades Cleaning Machine to a more Eco-Friendly model!

We are delighted to announce that the Aqua Dome is continuing to make strides on our environmental journey as we recently upgraded to a newer energy efficient cleaning machine (scrubber-drier) supplied by Advanced Cleaning Supplies. This new cleaning machine is made from recycled plastics and is very efficient and versatile and performs double the productivity levels due to the wider application fields. The Eco Select function works to decrease energy consumption by 20% which in turn reduces our carbon footprint!  

This new cleaning machine has the following eco benefits:

  1. Brush motor consumption reduced by 20%.
  2. Suction motor consumption reduced by 20%.
  3. Reduced water consumption by up to 80%.
  4. Reduced brush wear.
  5. Reduced carbon brush consumption on motors.
  6. Reduced noise level by 20%.
  7. Up to 90% chemical savings.

Thanks to the “Chem Dose” system, the micro dosing of chemicals help save more than 90% of chemicals normally used with the traditional scrubber-drier. The elimination of chemicals also helps cut costs. 

It is ergonomic with an adjustable handle making it more comfortable and easy to use with easy access to internal components. 

If any business, hospital, hotel, school, college or restaurant is looking for a high quality, waste reduction, energy efficient eco-friendly cleaning machine then this cleaning machine might just be a perfect solution to your requirements!

A domestic version is available for household use along with compostable bags!


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Remember to love the planet, be kind to the planet and love the environment 💚💙!

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