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Doing our bit for the planet!

Over the past few years the Aqua Dome has made strides to reduce energy consumption and water consumption in an effort to reduce the carbon footprint and decrease costs for the Aqua Dome. These efforts have paid off greatly because not only has the Aqua Dome reduced it's carbon footprint but it has also saved a lot of money by implementing all these environmental improvements....it's been a win win situation for both the Aqua Dome and the Environment!

Below is a little video outlining some of the environmental improvements we have made so far and we hope this video might inspire and encourage you to start your own environmental journey in your own home, business and recreational life. It's never too late to start and we can all lead by example and work together to improve the health of the planet.

We are currently looking at ways in which to make further positive environmental changes & mitigate the adverse effects of climate change and we will keep you posted as we continue on our environmental journey.

There is always room to make further improvements & we are committed to doing what we can to make further positive changes💙💚.

#lovetheplanet #lovetheenvironment

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