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Fox News from the Aqua Dome

Fox News from the Aqua Dome!

The Aqua Dome has the most beautiful stunning fox residing in hole number 16 in the Aqua Golf. She is a gorgeous fox and appears to be a juvenile red vixen and is quite friendly and timid. What great news to be sharing with our customers!

Around the middle of August some customers reported sightings of the fox in the Aqua Golf course and then one day a group of 3 young boys reported to the receptionist that a fox had appeared while they were playing the Aqua Golf on green number 17 by the top of the falling rapids and that the fox walked over to them and took their ball. They filmed the fox on the Aqua Golf course taking their golf ball and when they finished their game they came into reception and showed the video to our receptionist. They were all excited and happy after seeing the fox.

This incident was followed by more reports of our lovely fox walking around the Aqua Golf course taking golf balls. Customers began taking pictures and posting them on their various social media sites. Visitors to the Aqua Golf became both entralled and interested by the sightings of our little vixen and pictures began to appear on Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook by customers.

Unfortunately the fox remained aloof to staff at that time until eventually one day Niall Harkin the Technical Manager saw her lying in the bunker in hole 16 in the Aqua Golf. The fox was unphased by Niall being present and continued to lie there, stretch out and dose off. Niall proceeded to take lots of photos of the fox and also took a few videos.

A few days later I (Mags O'Sullivan) went out to see the fox and there she was lying in the bunker in green number 16 with a captive audience of Aqua Golf customers around her talking to her and taking pictures of her. I was totally captivated to see her as she continued to lay there in the bunker stretched out watching the world go by!

Our little fox has become a celebrity here in our Aqua Golf course as she brings a smile to everyone's face. One can only be in awe of her stunning red coat and her shy nature!

As this is a wild fox we recommend keeping a wide distance from her and please do not feed her as this interfers with her natural hunting instincts!

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Red foxes are non-specialized carnivores eating a diverse range of food types depending on the season and location of their habitat. They are largely solitary nocturnal hunters spending most of the day hidden in sheltered lie up nests, they will be emerge at dusk and remain active for most of the night. They are highly opportunistic feeders who use a variety of hunting techniques. Species which they have a preference for include rabbits, young hares, rats, mice, hedgehogs, pigeons and ground nesting birds, when such prey items become scarce they will supplement their diet by foraging for earthworms, beetles, crickets and insect larvae. Apples and blackberries are also eaten on occasion. Adult foxes must consume 500 grams of food daily to maintain their body weight. When food is in abundance it is stored in cache sites throughout their territories to be eaten at a later date.

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