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The Strypes made a Splash at the Aqua Dome!

Popular Irish band The Strypes enjoyed a recent splash in the Aqua Dome and made a few of our staff very happy. Abby Campbell (lifeguard and receptionist) is a big fan of The Strypes and this is her account of their visit!

The Strypes are a four-piece (genre)  band from Cavan, Ireland. Consisting of Ross Farrelly (lead vocals), Josh McClorey (vocals/guitar) Pete O’Hanlon (bass) and Evan Walsh (drums), the quartet has been jamming out pub-rock bangers since pre-adolescence and don’t look to be slowing down any time soon.

There is so much that can be said about these boys. I could natter incessantly about their musical exploits, album accomplishments and domination of their field. I could spin you a yarn about their growth as musicians and the progression of their music from Dr Feelgood -esque jams to their latest unique and captivating sounds and what they are planning beyond for their new album. However instead, I will simply tell you about their visit to the Aqua Dome on the 10th of March 2017.

I emailed the bands manager Niall Walsh some weeks ago, after telling one of my managers that the band would be Coming Soon to a Town Near Us, inviting the band and crew for a relaxing swim and sauna in our facility.

I’ll be frank, I wasn’t expecting a reply. Not that I doubted the integrity of the band (I have met them before and can vouch for their absolute soundness), more so that I expected us to be let down gently. Touring holds a rigorous and strict schedule that doesn’t often allow for unplanned exploits. Or so I’m told from a plethora of relatives and family friends who’ve been involved in the business of music.

(Fun fact - U2 opened for my uncle’s band in the 70s – but that’s another story)

However, I was greeted a short couple of days later with not only a return email, but a return email that informed us that the band would be delighted to visit if time permitted. A large leap ahead of what I was expecting, I delightedly told my managers.

Which brings us to March 10th, when we received a phone call from Mr. Niall Walsh telling us that the band and their support act, David Keenan, would be arriving in the early afternoon. Sure enough, at around the 2pm marker, they arrived. Looking as cool as ever swathed in long coats, denim jackets and skinny jeans, I felt a brief rush of nerves and slight intimidation as I approached the band to say my hellos. This lasted approximately 10 milliseconds, before the onset of friendly smiles and handshakes and thank-yous brought me back to the reality that these five lads were the epitome of the phrase “sound as a pound”.

After introductions were made and the exchanges of “thank you for having us!” and “no thank you for coming!” were finished, Ross, Evan, Pete, Josh and David departed for the pool.

“This is unreal!” “That sauna is incredible” “This place is amazing!” These, along with the general splashing of someone reaching the bottom of the slide or enjoying the waves, were all indicators that the boys had a fantastic time at the Aqua Dome.

This was conclusively confirmed when they told me so themselves. From the Rapid River to the recently refurbished Sauna Suite, we received nothing but high praise from The Strypes and David Keenan.

During the show that evening, the band took the time while talking to the audience to praise tha Aqua Dome, mentioning what a “nice spot” it is. You really can’t ask for better than that!

Whilst chatting with the band after their gig, they continued to praise Tralee, saying what a “great little place” it is.

We’ve definitely garnered some fans of our own for this town!

Written by Abby Campbell

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