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Striving to Implement Best Practice in Waste Management!

The Aqua Dome is striving to implement best practice in Waste Management. As the Aqua Dome generates both organic and inorganic waste it is of vital importance that we manage  waste effectively on a daily basis in order to maintain health and safety standards and help protect the environment. Staff pride themselves in keeping the facility as clean as possible and all the team work together to ensure that highest standards are maintained.

Hygicare Cleaning Supplies supply the Aqua Dome with external and internal bins and provide information with regard to best practice. Dillons Waste is our waste collection and disposal agent and are an integral part of our waste management system.


In the Aqua Dome waste consists of six main types:

  1. General waste: bins are provided both externally and internally for general waste and are strategically placed in all areas. Bins are lined with biodegradable bin bags and are checked daily, cleaned and emptied as necessary.
  2. Recyclable waste: cardboard, glass, paper, metals, plastics are recycled at the Aqua Dome. Cardboard is baled and collected each week by Dillons Waste. Glass is brought to the bottle banks. Waste paper is shredded and recycled. Metals are brought to Milltown Civic Amenity Centre and recycled plastics go into appropriate bins for collection. 
  3. Sanitary waste: The Aqua Dome sub contracts Initial to provide a discrete and hygienic way to dispose of feminine hygiene waste and nappy bin disposal in compliance with Environmental Protection Act 1990.  
  4. Organic waste: compostable items, garden and lawn clippings are placed in the compost heap on the premises which is maintained by the Aqua Golf supervisor. 
  5. Toxic waste: used batteries are collected and deposited in registered disposal outlets. Old LED lights are returned to Verde Lighting for proper disposal. Old fluorescent light tubes are disposed at free Weee collections points. Other hazardous waste such as containers for old paints and varnish are brought to the Kerry County Council civic amenity site in Milltown for proper disposal.
  6. E-waste or electronic waste: monitors, tv's, and defunct electrical equipment are stored until there is free Weee collection at the local mart.


Private waste companies offering waste collection services in Tralee are Dillons Waste and Recycling and Higgins Waste & Recycling. Both operate a civic amenity centre at their onsite facilities providing an opportunity for the public to recycle and dispose of their waste. Receptacles are provided for each of the following materials:

  • Aluminum Cans
  • Cardboard (corrugated)
  • Glass Bottles – bin for each colour Clear, Green & Brown
  • Scrap Metal
  • Steel Cans
  • Textiles (Clothes & Shoes)
  • Newspapers and magazines

Kerry County Council have Recycling & Waste Disposal Centres located throughout the county Milltown Killarney Kenmare Caherciveen & Dingle. They also accept household hazardous waste which is taken to Germany or Holland for disposal in a waste to energy thermal plant. 

Household Hazardous Waste consists of:

Oil based paints / thinners, aerosols, cleaning agents and bleaches, waste engine oil, weed killers and pesticides, all types of batteries, fluorescent light tubes.


It is good practice to source environmentally friendly products at the onset as less hazardous waste is created. 

So how does one go about managing waste effectively?

1. Minimise the collection and accumulation of garbage by avoiding bringing in plastic bags. Don’t let garbage accumulate at home. Regular disposal will keep insects like cockroach, ants and flies away. 

2. Use reusable cloth bags for your shopping.

3. Avoid bringing in goods that has multi-layered packaging. Ready made garments get packed in many layers of plastic and plastic coated wrappings. Once you have purchased the item try and remove all the packing in the store itself, unless it is a gift item.

4. Segregate the garbage into organic and inorganic collection bins. Do not put them in the same bin.

5. Try composting the organic garbage. The internet can help you with ideas on how to compost. This will not only help in the disposal but also get you valuable compost for your kitchen garden, thus saving you some money.

6. Donate you old clothes and utensils to charities or other institutions that may be in need of this. 

Tip: separate waste at source i.e. keep glass, cardboard, food waste, timber and other materials in different containers and dispose in separate bins. Separation is very important as the main objective is to try to divert as much waste away from landfill as possible.  

Check out the Citizens Information for more information on recycling. 

If every household and business conscientiously disposes the waste they collect then there will be less impact on the environment. Everyone and every business has a part to play in waste management in the ongoing drive for environmental preservation.  

It's always rewarding to do what we can to help the environment.

Remember to love the planet, be kind to the planet and love the environment 💚💙 🌍


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