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Swim, Work out and Relax!

Swim, work out and relax in the Aqua Dome. It's still the quiet season in the Aqua Dome so why not treat yourself and enjoy a swim, work out and relax in all the wonderful facilities available. For those who do not want to get their feet wet why not enjoy a round of Aqua Golf. There is something for everyone in the Aqua Dome!

Enjoy quiet time during the weekdays and swim at your leisure. There is Aqua Aerobics on Wednesday mornings which is a great way to keep fit and get the circulation going. The gym and weights room is a fantastic way to start any day followed by a refreshing swim and chill time in the Vitality Spa.


The Aqua Dome Vitality Spa offers a unique blend of heat experiences for customers to relax and re-charge the body as they indulge themselves from head to toe in the warmth of the new Himalayan salt infused steam room, traditional / tropical saunas, Turkish steam room, cool plunge pool, Luxor heated seats and heated loungers.

Customers can relax in the dry heat of the traditional sauna or moist heat in the tropical sauna before cooling down in the lifestyle cool shower or cold plunge pool and finally relaxing on the warm heated loungers or heated heats. Submerging the body in cool invigorating water alternating with the warmth of the steam rooms or saunas re-vitalizes and invigorates the body and aids in good circulation. These heat generating and cooling experiences cleanse and stimulate the body and aid relaxation. The saunas and steam rooms will be infused with aromatherapy extracts which will enhance complexions and hair.

The new heated loungers offer the ultimate in relaxation where customers can unwind on these heated loungers contoured to the body as the gentle heat emanates through the tiled surface, providing a warm and relaxing lounging experience. The heated ergonomic surface allows the user to recline comfortably.

There is customized ambient lighting in the Vitality Spa along with gentle meditation and relaxing music all which enhance customer experience.

Natalie our masseuse is on hand to offer a variety of massages (at an additional cost & booking required).

What are you waiting for? Swim, work out and relax! Just Let Yourself Go.....!

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